North Shore

The North Shore (often simply referred to as “the Shore”) is the whole region of Auckland that lives across the other side of the iconic Harbour Bridge.

Unlike our famous wild West Coast beaches, the many beaches of Auckland’s North Shore are a lot more family-friendly and a much safer swimming option for tourists who aren’t as used to the ocean. The beaches surrounding Auckland’s North Shore are all long, flat, white sand beaches, and many of them provide great views of the Waitemata Harbour and the mysterious beauty that is Rangitoto Island. To be quite honest, Auckland’s northern beaches are probably the only reason any visitors to Auckland would have to head across to the Shore.

Because there are no trains or walkways going over to the Shore, it is a part of Auckland that can be a little more difficult to get to, but there are a range of busses that’ll take you right across to some of Auckland’s favourite northern beaches—or you can catch a ferry from downtown to Devonport and make your way from there. If you do opt to begin your exploration of the North Shore in the historic suburb of Devonport by way of boat, please note that the closest beach worth your time as far as swimming goes is Cheltenham. Keep in mind though that it is a 20 – 30 minute walk from Devonport wharf, so make sure you’re wearing suitable shoes.

The ever-popular Takapuna Beach is definitely one of the North Shore’s stand-outs, and with a vibrant strip of shops and cafes just 100 metres back from the water, there’s more than enough in the area to keep you entertained all day. Long Bay is a lot further out, and is probably only worth the trip if you have a car to get you there, but the massive Regional Park that runs alongside the water’s edge is abuzz with picnics, BBQs and bathers all through the summer months.

North Shore

Top Tip Takapuna’s PumpHouse Theatre is a charming old brick theatre located in Killarney Park on the edge of Lake Pupuke, and hosts a whole range of indoor and outdoor performances throughout the year. Over summer, Shakespeare in the Park is a particular highlight—some of the most loved stories ever told, performed on the edge of the lake and under the stars.

Top spots:
Takapuna Beach, Long Bay, Narrow Neck, Cheltenham.

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